Where does a lady packing nine 16-inch Mark 7 guns drop anchor?

Any place she wants to.

And that’s why the list of places where the USS New Jersey has dropped anchor is such a long one – that and the fact that she was on the water for more than a half-century, beginning with her launch from the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard in 1942 (exactly one year to the day after the deadly sneak attack on Pearl Harbor by Japan).

The USS New Jersey. A warship among warships. There probably will never be another like her. Just ask the heroes who’ve had the privilege of sailing aboard. They did so with honor and pride, sometimes mixed with blood – their own and that of their friends.

So strap on your life vest and steel helmet as we revisit the World War II voyages and battles of the USS New Jersey – “The Big J.”

You’ll feel the heat and body-jarring pulses from the firing of her main battery as they pounded away at enemy shore positions during the Marshall Islands campaign.

You’ll experience the thrill of lighting up the sky with a wall of antiaircraft tracers while she kept our carriers safe from Japanese torpedo bombers in the thick of the Battle of the Philippine Sea.

You’ll understand why the crews of so many Imperial navy ships abandoned all hope of victory at the mere sight of the “Black Dragon” rising over the horizon.

The welcomes you aboard. This is the place to be for gut-wrenching action, white-knuckle adventure, patriotism-stirring emotion and memories.


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